Communication Skills

Did you know that nearly 300 billion emails are sent and received every day? With so much competition for attention, it's essential to have strong communication skills in the business world.  Did you know that the average person receives over 100 emails per day? 
In this course, you'll learn how to craft messages that get results.We'll teach you how to write subject lines that cut through the clutter and get your message noticed. You'll also learn how to use templates and technology to your advantage, streamlining your communication process and saving time.
Join the thousands of professionals who have taken our Business Communication course and improved their messaging and emailing skills.

Our Business Communication course is designed to help you stand out from the crowd. Sign up now and start communicating like a pro!

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More about the course

But it's not just about efficiency - it's also about effectiveness. Did you know that effective communication can lead to a 50% higher job performance rating? You'll learn how to convey your message with clarity and impact, tailoring your language and tone to different types of clients. With our expert guidance, you'll master the art of business communication and see real results in your work.

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What You Will Learn

  • Using technology and tools for messaging and emailing: You may learn about various tools and technologies that can help you communicate more effectively with clients. 

  • The course will aim to help you become a more effective communicator in a business setting, specifically in the context of messaging and emailing clients.

  • Developing effective messaging and email skills: The course will provide you with practical skills for crafting clear, concise, and professional messages and emails to clients. This includes learning how to structure your messages, use appropriate tone and language, and convey your message effectively.

  • Understanding the importance of effective business communication: You will learn why effective communication is essential for success in any business setting. You'll also learn about the different types of communication and the importance of choosing the right type of communication for each situation.
  • Understanding the audience: You will learn about the importance of tailoring your messaging and emails to your audience. This includes understanding your clients' communication styles, cultural differences, and language preferences.

Course contents

Meet your instructors

Maryam Lemu
Mrs. Maryam Lemu boasts a three-decade career as an international speaker, seminar facilitator, and founder of the Maryam Lemu Marriage Academy in the U.K and Nigeria. Presently, as the Head of Administration and Resource Management at New Horizons College Minna, Nigeria, she excels in public speaking, counseling, mentoring, coaching, and various domains.  She actively engages in relationship coaching, counsels, consults for schools on character development and leadership, and is devoted to empowering youth through her substantial social media presence. Her recent endeavor includes launching a 72-video certified premarital masterclass available on her website,
Eugenia Abu
Eugenia Abu is a leading Nigerian broadcast journalist, recognized for her exceptional work with numerous awards, notably securing the Nigeria Media Merit Award for Best Newscaster in 1995. Renowned for anchoring the National Television News for an impressive 17 years, she also held the position of Executive Director of Programs at the Nigerian Television Authority, culminating her 34-year tenure there.
Beyond her broadcast career, Eugenia is a Multimedia Strategist, Columnist, Media Trainer, and Consultant. She holds teaching roles at institutions like the Africa Center for Leadership, Centre LSD, and Bingham University, focusing on International broadcasting and specialized reporting. Notably, she consults for various reputable organizations such as the National Democratic Institute, ECOWAS, and the NeXT CEO Television summit in Mauritius.
Nurain Takuma
Meet Nurain, a dedicated advocate committed to empowering individuals to lead more fulfilling lives through innovative, actionable, and scientifically-grounded ideas.
Driven by a profound curiosity, Nurain constantly explores the question: "How can we enhance our lives?"
Specializing in a spectrum of subjects—from self-improvement and mindset cultivation to healthy living, philosophy, productivity, and more—Nurain's journey is fueled by years of deep research, extensive readings, and immersion in podcasts and evidence-based concepts.
Nurain's unwavering commitment is to share this wealth of knowledge, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting as many lives as possible.
Join Nurain on this transformative journey towards a life of fulfillment and growth.

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