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Once upon a time, there was a young designer named Alice. She loved creating beautiful designs, but she always struggled with collaborating with her team. She would send multiple emails, share screenshots, and even print out designs to get feedback. It was a mess!

But one day, Alice discovered Figma, and it changed everything. With Figma, she could work collaboratively with her team in real-time, making edits and comments on the same design file. No more confusion, no more wasted time. Her designs were better than ever, and her team was happier than ever.

And now, my friends, it's your turn to experience the power of Figma. In this class, we will cover everything from the basics of Figma to advanced design techniques. You'll learn how to collaborate with your team, create beautiful designs, and streamline your design workflow. So, buckle up and get ready to transform your design game with Figma!

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-Who Will Benefit

People who have interest in Creating a Website or App

  • Beginners: If you have little to no experience with Figma or design in general.
  • Designers: If you're an experienced designer looking to improve your skills and take advantage of all that Figma has to offer, this class will provide you with advanced techniques and best practices. 
  • Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small Business Owners: If you're looking to create a website or app. 
  • Career Professionals.

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Our Model

We offer a simple subscription model to make it very easy to pay and gain access to our platform.  

Our Pricing

We make it easy and affordable. All you pay is N5,000 per month or N50,000 per annum. 

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Unlimited Access to ALL Live Classes, selected Online Courses, community, vibes, and more. 

Meet your Instructor

Farouk Lawal 

Meet Farouk Lawal, a Figma expert with over 4 years of experience in design and a passion for user-centered design. Farouk has worked as a designer for various companies and startups, and is now working as a freelance designer and consultant.
Farouk's expertise in Figma is diverse, with a strong focus on user interface design and prototyping. He has a deep understanding of Figma's design tools and features, and knows how to use them to create wireframes, mockups, and high-fidelity designs. He also has experience creating design systems and working with teams to improve design collaboration.

Frequently asked questions

How is Live Classes different from Online Courses

Youtherium Live Class Sessions offers you the chance to learn from seasoned instructors, ask questions in real time and gain first hand knowledge from field experts.

Are all Live Classes Paid?

No, not all live classes are paid. 

Where do your instructors come from?

Our instructors comprise of individuals who are subject matter experts. In their different fields, they are seasoned professionals with years of experience.

How do I make payment? Can I make a transfer? 

We offer different payment methods including mobile and bank transfers.

Do you offer some free courses?

Yes, Youtherium offers a range of free high- quality courses.

Everyone is talking about Youtherium? What makes you different from other platforms?

Youtherium is a wholistic digital platform tailored to suite her target audience in different languages and formats which guarantee education and entertainment under one roof. 

Who are your partners? 

Since launching Youtherium, we have partnered with local and international partners, schools, organizations as well as other high profiled individuals in Nigeria and beyond.

Can I use my Certificate to get a Job or Benefits? 

Yes, our certificates are globally recognized and can be included on your CV or any where else you wish to.

 - What You Will Get - 

  • World-Class Learning.
  • Experience and Expert Instructor.
  • Practical Sessions and Cade Studies.
  • Networking Opportunities. 
  • Automatic Participation in the Youtherium Global Community.
  •  Certificate of Completion.
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Stories From Our Previous Learners

I took the Figma course and it was a game changer for my design skills. Before the course, I had little experience with Figma and felt overwhelmed by all the features. But after completing the course, I feel confident and proficient in using the software.
 The instructor was knowledgeable and provided clear explanations for all the tools and features. The hands-on exercises helped me practice what I learned and I was able to apply my new skills to my work right away. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their Figma skills."
halliru - KATSINA
Well,It all comes down to saying THANK YOU youtherium for all the help you have given so far during the stage of my life.
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