Networking Skills - Getting far in your Career

Welcome to "Networking Skills - Getting Far in Your Career"! This course is your gateway to unlocking the power of strategic networking to propel your professional journey.
In a world where relationships are key, this program is designed to provide you with the insights and practical tools necessary to build and leverage a robust professional network.
Whether you're aiming for career advancement, exploring new opportunities, or seeking to enhance your current role, mastering networking skills is essential.

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Throughout this course, we'll look at tried-and-true tactics for efficient networking, both in person and online. From creating a convincing elevator pitch to effectively utilizing social platforms, you'll obtain the knowledge required to negotiate the complexity of the professional scene.
Prepare to embark on a revolutionary learning journey that will not only improve your network but also enable you to achieve new heights in your profession. Join us as we explore the art and science of networking, preparing you to make important connections and open doors to intriguing opportunities. Welcome to a course that goes beyond theory, delivering actionable insights to move you farther in your career through the power of networking.

Meet your instructors

Amu Ogbeide

Amu Ogbeide has over two decades of experience in EdTech, Corporate Trainings, SME Development, Multimedia Productions, and Government Relations.
His initial 12 years were spent in the banking sector with notable institutions.
Currently he is the founder and CEO of Sapphital Learning, Africa's fastest-growing Education and Digital Learning company, which specializes in converting educational content to eLearning and Digital Formats.
The platform is utilized by local and international organizations, schools, and universities for digitalizing learning processes.
His long-term goal is to educate and empower ten million people in Africa with practical skills, emphasizing sustainable development and the role of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in economic growth.

Naomi Osemedua

Naomi Osemedua is a Renowned Coach, National Transformation Strategist and Global speaker who has been featured in High impact events and spoken on stages across Four Continents.
 She is passionate about Human Capacity Development and loves to speak with humor, using real life stories to keep her audience captivated.
She has also been listed as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women 2020. She is fondly called the SPARKLE QUEEN, as she sprinkles her “Sparkle Effect” on everything she touches.
 As the CEO of the CenterStage Company - she is on a mission to help driven entrepreneurs turn their stories to profits and impact their world like only they can.

Hon. Stella Okotete

Hon. Stella Erhuvwuoghene Okotete is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in public policy, international development, administration, public-private partnerships, business development, and export financing. 
Currently serving as the Executive Director, Business Development at the Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM). she brings diverse experiences to her role. In this capacity, she has initiated impactful products like the 'Women and Youth Export Facility' and the 'Small and Medium Export Enterprise Facility,' aligning with national development goals.
Beyond her professional role, Hon. Stella is actively involved in philanthropy, volunteer work with Internally Displaced Persons, and advocacy for the rights of the girl-child.

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