Animation 101 With After Effect

Yes, Tom and Jerry, that's probably one of the first thoughts that pop  into your mind when you saw this course. You may be wondering how these characters and objects are brought to life, Well it's animation!
This course has been carefully prepared for Animation enthusiasts who wish to bring their creativity and genius to life through objects, characters and more. It is intended to introduce you to the world of animation using Adobe After Effects, a software application used by professional animators and designers to create captivating motion graphics and visual effects.
The course assumes no prior knowledge of animation or After Effects and is appropriate for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of animation.


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  • Media & Creativity
  • Empoyability skills




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Learn more about After Effect

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More about the course

In this course, we will take you through the step by step process of Animations using Adobe After Effects software.
Take a step closer and learn to animate like a Pro.

This course covers the principles of animation, including timing, spacing, and movement. Learners will learn how to create and manipulate shapes, text, and images, and explore the different animation tools and techniques available in After Effects.

You will also come to understand what the animation industry is like from the perspective of an investor, and if you wish to monetize your skill and talents in Animation, then don't miss this course. 

Key lessons in this course

  • Understanding of the principles of animation
  • Navigating the Adobe After Effects  
  • Learn the use of timing, spacing and movement in animation
  • Getting familiar  with the different types of animation
  • The art of storyboarding
  • How to animate like a Pro
  • Monetizing your animation skills  

Course Modules

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Dumebi Okemini and Martian Donald are experts in the field of animation with years of experience under their belts. In terms of producing quality, engaging and Multi functional animations they are your go to instructors. With full  knowledge of Adobe After Effects ,Illustrator and Phostoshop they have  stood out.